Nicepage first steps

I have now issued a license that covers the domain, so you won’t need to login to access the editor (skip steps with *). If you choose to purchase a custom domain I can issue the license for it.

Follow the steps & screenshots to set up your account for Nicepage editor. I will issue the license to the e-mail attached to your account in this system, so be sure to use a valid address! Don’t worry, it won’t be sold or shared because I hate spam, too!

  • From admin dashboard after logging into your account click Nicepage
  • Select settings and set what you like
  • Select wizard
  • Select create new page
  • *Click sign up button & check your email – including junk/spam
  • *Click through email link to set up password for drag & drop editor
  • Select blank page (you can add content & layouts later)
  • Use editor functions to build page content as desired, click save/publish at top
  • *When finished visit and logout of account
Self Help